What is an Energy Healing Session like?

An energy healing session with Anna is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Sessions begin with some questions about your health and emotional state. Then Anna will begin by scanning your energy field and chakras to assess the current state of your energy field, looking for abnormalities, blocks and leaks. Once Anna has made her assessment, she will apply an appropriate treatment.

Most clients leave a session relaxed and peaceful, feeling as if they have just had a massage, or been in a deep meditation.  If you have come for pain relief, you will feel an immediate lessening or cessation of pain, or the pain may gradually dissipate as time passes.


In person available in Hillcrest, Auckland. Sessions use a combination of non-touch movement in your energy field in, ranging from just inches from your body to further away, and non-intrusive light touch . Energy is moved through your system repairing and restoring your energy field and stimulating the healing flow in your body. During sessions, clients remain fully-clothed, except for shoes, ideally in comfortable loose-fitting or flexible clothing. Clients will also be asked to remove watches, glasses and jewellery. 

Distance healing can sometimes be a difficult concept to conceive. However, when it comes to energy there are no boundaries. In distance healing sessions Anna will work with you remotely, connecting with you energetically to scan and restore your energy system. Sessions from a distance are conducted via Zoom, if you prefer a different method, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Online distance healing session will begin via video conference for introductions. The energy work will be via audio only and you will be asked to use your device on speaker. You will be asked to move into a comfortable position, in a place you will not be disturbed during the session, ideally wearing comfortable loose-fitting or flexible clothing. Clients will also be asked to remove watches, glasses and jewellery. 


Get in touch for bookings and free consultations to establish if working with me is right for you.

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Session times are flexiable, depending on what is needed, and how much energy work can be done at the time, on average it is between 60 - 90 minutes. Your energy system lets me know when it is time to stop.

Initial Session 90 minutes - 2 hours $90

Subsequent Sessions 60 - 90 minutes $90

5 & 10 Session discounted Packages avaliable below

Beneficiaries, students, seniors

and those under special circumstances please get in touch for specialized rates.

Check out the FAQs page for more information.


"I've never had energy healing before but have to say it was the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve suffered with chronic pain in my shoulder girdle for years and felt after only 2 sessions it’s really loosened it, can’t wait for my 3rd session next week. Anna is amazing, her voice and presence just makes you relax"

-Denise Thomas

"Anna has a very gentle, but quietly powerful presence. She doesn't interfere in the natural healing process, she just facilitates healing. I was struggling with many chronic conditions and debilitating illness, many of these improved and cleared during my work with Anna"

- R. Martin 

"I need a safe place to talk and Anna provides that. I need this calming influence and have been able to work through blocks, emotions and addictions. Invaluable support. I leave our meetings feeling better about myself. Thanks."

- Rod MacKenzie

"If you are looking for deep relaxation or assistance with body's natural healing process or relieve emotional stress, then I highly recommend Energy Healing with Anna. Anna will very patiently listen to your issues, problems and concerns and use energy to heal you and help you release negativity from your body. Will certainly go back"

- Ritu Munjal