Explorations into Energy & Consciousness

Online Series - Zoom Meetings

 7:30pm, 2nd Thursday of the Month

These sessions will be free, relaxed and informal. In each session we will explore a different aspect of energy and consciousness.  Sessions will be from 40 - 80 minutes, with a short break at the 40 minute mark. In each session there will be a presentation on the topic, which will include one or two short practices to connect with the subject. At the end we'll have a little time for questions, thoughts and reflections. 


Thursday 14 Jan 7:30pm

The Importance of Being Grounded


When we explore energy and different levels of consciousness it is easy to float away and become ungrounded. When we do this we can lose perspective and become open to influence. Groundedness is very important to keep ourselves level headed. It is the foundation which supports our spiritual growth and development.

We can learn from the wisdom of nature. The tree firmly roots itself into the earth, while also stretching towards the heavens. We too, can learn to root ourselves, creating a firm foundation as we reach to the heavens and higher levels of consciousness.

There are multiple aspects and dimensions to grounding, from the most literal and practical, to the more esoteric and symbolic. Join me to find out more and try some new practices.


7: 30 pm Thursday 11 Feb



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About your guide; Anna Barker is an energy medicine practitioner, yoga teacher, and health coach.  She is passionate about working with people to help heal wholstically, to learn to manage their energy to live a more connected and fulfilling life.

Anna integrates her experience and training in energy medicine, yoga, modern science of psychology and physics as well as practice, and personal mentorship in mystical traditions of East and West.

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