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Celebrate your uniqueness!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Like snowflakes we are all different and unique. We share the same basic fundamentals, yet we are all unique, biologically, psychologically and energetically. We all have our own unique thumbprint and our own unique energy signature.

It is in our uniqueness why there is no blanket diet suitable for all humans. We can react dramatically differently to medications, supplements, herbs and foods.

Too often, we try a diet, and when it doesn't work we blame ourselves rather than seeing that diet didn't work for us.

What most of the current diets; keto, paleo, raw, mediterranean etc... fundamentally share is a focus on whole foods and reducing/eliminating processed foods. The rest is details, be aware of the details that do and don't work for you.

Our bodies are incredibly beautiful and have there own innate wisdom.

Learn to listen and find what works for you.

The healing power is within us.

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