Do we need to change our beliefs about health?

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Many of us were bought up believing ill-health and disease happened by chance, just because we were unlucky. That until we had a disease diagnosed by a doctor, we were supposed to be healthy. Being sick was being in a debilitated state. Often going to the doctor with iffy symptoms, or feeling ‘not quite right’, wasn’t supposed to mean that we were unhealthy. There actually had to be something tangible, diagnosed in medical terms. Things like headaches, hay fever, colds etc… were minor inconveniences, easily treated by over-the-counter medications at the pharmacy. Or, if we were feeling tired and fatigued, we just grabbed a cup of coffee, and then we might feel better for awhile. These methods cover the causes and can leave toxic residue in our bodies.

Many of us need to re-frame our beliefs about health. Then we start to interpret these minor inconveniences as signs of a weakened immune system; signs that our bodies are out of balance. These minor conditions let us know we are not in prime health. By accepting responsibility for our health, by realizing that we are open to infection and vulnerable to disease, we can start rebuilding and increase our immunity to disease and infection.

At the core of both minor conditions and more serious diseases, lie the malfunction and/or dysfunction of cells in the body. Ultimately we humans are a community of billions of cells that are co-existing harmoniously or dis-harmoniously, with billions and trillions of microscopic bacteria, viruses and fungi. The risk of infection and illness is always there. When we are in balance, existing harmoniously with the vast population of bacteria, viruses and fungi, our immune systems are strong and we dramatically lower our risk to infection and illness.

Too often we just rely on medications, make poor food choices, expose ourselves to toxins in our environment and neglect to exercise regularly. Often, too, we have so much stress that we damage the balance of our bodies at the cellular level. These patterns enable us to sacrifice our long term health as we continue to seek short-term relief.

Research of cultures that are outside the modern industrialized food system, cultures which have been able to maintain their traditional lifestyles and food production, consistently show low or non-existent rates of minor ailments like allergies and colds. These communities have little or no diabetes, cancers, heart disease, and many other modern illnesses that are epidemic in modern society. This phenomena should tell us there is something very out of balance in our modern societies.

When we accept responsibility for our health, as participants in our health, we empower ourselves and make decisions based on what will nourish and support our bodies, our well-being, our families and our environment. By nourishing this amazing community of cells that make up who we are as a whole, healthy being, we regain our energy, strength and vitality. We dramatically reduce our risk to infections and our susceptibility to modern illnesses. We have the possibility to recover from chronic conditions and increase our quality of life.

We can step into the healing journey, move out of survival to thrive!

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